Changes are underway to Housing Development in Metro Vancouver

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Vancouver Multiplexes

More housing options are a reality in the City of Vancouver, with more to come…

The new residential Inclusive zone (R1-1) took effect on October 17, 2023, replacing all previous RS zones. The new R1-1 zone permits the option for multiplex development on qualified lots. Multiplexes are buildings with up to 6 units (or 8 units for secured market rental).

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As well, more changes are underway in the City of Vancouver to respond to provincial legislation (Bills 44, 46, and 47) for Small-Scale Multi-unit Housing (SSMUH), Development Financing, and Transit Oriented Area developments.


Missing Middle Housing

Province-wide changes are coming

The BC provincial government has enacted legislation that will have significant impacts on housing development province wide:

Bill 44: Small-Scale Multi-unit Housing (SSMUH),

Bill 46: Development Financing

Bill 47: Transit Oriented Areas

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New and proposed changes by the City of Vancouver and the provincial government are of particular interest to many property owners and developers throughout Metro Vancouver. We at gdp architecture are monitoring these changes closely.

gdp architecture will be developing prototype designs tailored to adhere to these upcoming regulations.

Let us help you navigate the possibilities.

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